Doorway is the place of inclusion. We truly believe that diversity in race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other backgrounds contributes to diversity of thought and a deeper understanding of the world in which we live and invest. As employees, colleagues, managers and decent employees, it is our job to create an environment of understanding and empathy that promotes and celebrates diversity.

In 2017, Doorway formalized its long-unofficial Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Improving and strengthening recruitment, talent development, education and awareness to increase the diversity and inclusion of the company by focusing on women and underrepresented groups and senior level positions in the investment team. Through improvement, we implement the four initiatives of . Strategic pillars to achieve this goal:


Innovative and proactive outreach and recruitment efforts focused on women and diverse talent

Retention & Development

Doorway Programs and Employment Services for the Maintenance and Development of the Female and Diverse Population

Awareness & Education

Training and other programs on inclusive leadership and programs to raise awareness of biases that can prevent the realization of the full benefits of a diverse workforce


Clear communication of D&I expectations by senior management to 's department heads and hiring managers, as well as allocation of resources to , resulting in greater transparency, accountability and support for 's D&I goals. increase.


We recognize race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, creed, national origin, age, ancestry, disability (physical or mental), medical condition, citizenship, marital status. status, pregnancy, veteran or military status, genetic information, or other characteristics protected by applicable law; They help us challenge conventional wisdom, inspire creative thinking, and enrich our lives and relationships.

Our approach to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is driven by our corporate leaders, executed by our managers, supported by our employees, and guided by our Global Diversity and Inclusion Directors.

Our Cross-Functional Diversity Committee supports 's multi-year diversity and inclusion strategy with specific goals related to 's three focus areas: Talent, Culture and Community.

Key Highlights

Talent Acquisition

Our recruitment approach is focused on securing world-class talent with strong values ​​and diverse representatives across backgrounds, gender, and socioeconomic status. Starting fiscal year 2021, all open positions must contain at least 50% different finalists.


Establish internal policies to ensure employee benefits and resources support the organization's priority of caring for employees through an integrated approach to health care, wellness, and work-life flexibility. are continuously reviewed and improved.

Retention & Development

All employees and new hires attend different DEI training courses each year. We continuously host global conversations, social events, and interactive roundtables for company-wide contributions. In addition, Investcorp regularly hosts interactive workshops with employees to further raise awareness of and improve DEI goals.

Our Culture

We are committed to promoting an open, inclusive, just and diverse culture that promotes mutual understanding, transparency and dialogue. The DEI Committee focuses on geographic regions around the world to ensure that diversity action is taken and improved across the business.

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Our culture brings different perspectives, new ideas and opportunities for growth. We work hard to make sure our employees feel welcomed, valued and recognized for their hard work.

Employees have access to dozens of global and regional resource groups that offer rich connection points for networking and community engagement, including:

The Adults Building Leadership Experience (ABLE) brings together Doorway for 21- to 39-year-olds focused on career growth and the unique foundations that help retain young professionals.

All Equals is an employee resource group for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies.

Latinos and Friends (LaF) is a Latino-based forum open to all employees, providing networking opportunities, informal mentoring relationships, and support.

By reducing waste and using renewable energy, Leafs reduces our carbon footprint and is committed to a sustainable future.

The Multicultural and Diversity Engagement Group (MADE) helps create a supportive atmosphere for employees of cultural backgrounds through personal and professional development, workshops, networking and mentoring.

Healthy Minds focuses on employee well-being and helps raise mental health awareness at.

Winn is a global network that supports the professional success and personal growth of Doorway women through leadership development and learning, networking, mentoring, and sponsorship opportunities.

Building an inclusive workplace

We believe in the power of diversity, respect and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves and be their best.

But that's not all. We are also committed to supporting and promoting diversity in our communities, the businesses and suppliers with which works.

Our Women's Initiative: setting a new standard

Women have been underrepresented in our industry for too long. We know that the success of our company and our employees depends on including more women to reflect the world and culture around us.

The Women's Initiative is a company-wide effort to promote the recruitment, retention and advancement of women. Added over a dozen new programs to normalize flexible work cultures that support women throughout their careers and meet the needs of a diverse workforce. Simply put, wants Doorway to be a great place for women to join, stay and grow.

An organisation where everyone can achieve their potential

Our goal is to create a great workplace with a completely diverse and inclusive culture. Bringing people from different backgrounds together helps us engage with our colleagues, discover new ways of thinking, and better meet the needs of our customers and clients.

At Doorway, we believe building an inclusive culture is critical to our success. We all have a role to play, regardless of level, role, or function. That means fostering respect, developing talent, protecting our employees, respecting differences, and allowing everyone to bring their true selves to work. We are proud of our colleagues with diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills.

Doorway's culture is rooted in openness to new ideas, hard work and creative problem solving. We believe that our most valuable asset is our people. People who bring us forward as a company through their expertise, dedication and unique perspective. With this in mind, we continuously invest in our people to enrich their lives both inside and outside the office.

We provide our employees with a comfortable and rewarding work environment. Invite your employees to events while offering the flexibility of working from home and competitive benefits packages.

We support our mission to help people live better lives by developing motivated, high-performing employees. We believe in continuous learning and development. Each employee is expected to participate in at least one of her study programs every six months to commit to continuous and continuous learning.

Our diversity networks

Our peer-driven network supports our inclusive culture and provides invaluable support and networking opportunities for colleagues around the world.

Cultural Awareness Network

Our Cultural Awareness Network aims to promote and celebrate our employees' understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds. We believe that understanding and support strengthens 's business relationships and allows diverse perspectives to be reflected in decision making.


Doorway Financial Pride promotes a safe environment where the wider lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community feels safe to be themselves and to be open about their gender identity and sexual orientation.


Our gender network, Elevate, aims to support and promote gender balance by empowering colleagues at all levels to reach their true potential on their terms.

Diversity and Partnerships

Doorway actively pursues partnerships and opportunities with organizations that share our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Examples of these partnerships are:

Doorway's founders and senior management have worked to create a harmonious environment where opportunities and rewards are shared and where there is little hierarchy. We love and cherish all our colleagues, wish all the best for them, and celebrate their successes... All Americans should see recent events as a call to action for , It is imperative that we work to promote equality affirmation. Doorway and I are committed to heeding that call, listening, learning and acting.